Project Overview

Carrickfergus Castle was founded in the late 12th century by John de Courcy. It is one of the most complete examples of Norman architecture in Northern Ireland and one of the most complete castles of its type in Britain or Ireland.

The restoration works to Carrickfergus Castle were featured in an article on Communities NI.

Description of works

Clarke Restoration were delighted to be appointed as a heritage firm to carry out specialist cleaning works to the keep walls and the new oak beams in the keep.

Throughout the works at Carrickfergus Castle Keep, a team of architects and archaeologists were present to ensure all works were kept to a high standard.

Works completed included;

  • Use of our specialist TORC cleaning equipment
  • Stripping of all lime wash from existing stone walls of the keep, ensuring no damage to original lime pointing that was found underneath the lime wash
  • Cleaning of the newly installed oak beams with TORC cleaning equipment to remove any existing stains. This was done with a subtle media to ensure the oak beams were not damaged.

Architects: Alastair Coey Architects & Dermott McRandal (Department of Communities)

Archaeologist: Chiara Botturi (Department of Communities)

Main contractor: JPM Construction